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A cryptographic engine for solving data sharing dilemmas
Gemeinsam für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften – SINE Foundation launcht mit ClimateTech Cozero erste Anwendung zum sicheren Datenteilen
SINE x Cozero Carbon Benchmarking – Launch Event
25.03.2021 | 9 Uhr
Über SINE Benchmarking
Tandem is an open-source engine that enables companies to turn their data graveyard into value-creating opportunities. Using Secure Multi-Party Computation, Tandem allows organizations, their partners, and suppliers to collaborate on data, running calculations and producing results, without revealing their inputs to each other. What sounds like magic is advanced cryptography!
See how the engine works in a fun, little word-guessing game
Fully Open-Source
Check out the open-source code in our GitHub repo!
Read our launch blog post to learn more details
Try it Out
See the engine in action in a fun, little word-guessing game!
About the Engine
To learn more about Tandem and how it works, watch the video below and read our release blogpost!
Check out the open-source code in our GitHub repo
Get in touch and learn more about the SINE Foundation and how we can support you and your organization
About SINE
Get in touch to know how SINE can support your company!
Watch our video below to learn more about SINE and get in touch to know how we can support your company
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