SINE's Secure Multi-Party Computation Engine Tandem is now available! See it in action with a fun, little word-guessing game Breakthrough in value chain data exchange for more  emission transparencyWith Data Commons to consistent climate-relevant dataSINE's Secure Multi-Party Computation Engine Tandem is now available! See it in action with a fun, little word-guessing gameBreakthrough in value chain data exchange for more  emission transparencyWith Data Commons to consistent climate-relevant data
A Think and Do Tank offering Solutions for Data Sharing Dilemmas
Gemeinsam für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften – SINE Foundation launcht mit ClimateTech Cozero erste Anwendung zum sicheren Datenteilen
SINE x Cozero Carbon Benchmarking – Launch Event
25.03.2021 | 9 Uhr
Über SINE Benchmarking
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Many organizations fear losing control over their data. In fact, not sharing is seen as a rational decision: after all, sensitive data could be exposed. But as a whole, we all face an irrational outcome, leaving out huge potential for organizations and society.
SINE fuses technology with governance mechanisms, enabling organizations to share their data securely, and to maintain their data sovereignty along the way - even after it has been shared. Read more about our approach here.
Our Work for Carbon Transparency
Pioneered by several multinationals, SINE is the technology partner of the Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT) initiated by WBCSD. We lead the technical implementation of the world’s first cooperation initiative for emissions transparency.
􀐱The Problem
Companies need to tackle emissions from across the value chain but face three main challenges: Inconsistency in existing methods and standards, missing interoperability of technology solutions, and the risk of exposing sensitive data. The data are locked in siloed and isolated islands within complex value chains.
􀇱The Solution
As a non-profit organization, we are building an open and global network of interoperable solutions for the secure peer-to-peer exchange of emission data – the “Internet of Emission Data.” Read our full vision document here.
􀅌Partners at PACT
...and many more
We built a cryptographic open-source engine for solving data sharing dilemmas: Tandem.
Using Secure Multi-Party Computation, Tandem allows organizations, their partners, and suppliers to collaborate on data, run calculations and produce results, without revealing their inputs to each other. Please find all details here.
􀕹Open Source
We turn encryption research into ready-to-use open-source software. Find our open-source code in our GitHub repo!
You can see the engine in action in a fun little word-guessing game.
These methods process encrypted or otherwise hidden data. No party needs to reveal their input in order to run an operation with us. We turn this technology into economic primitives, for example benchmarking or matching, and publish it in our open source library as ready-to-use online services.
But wait, hold on a second. If all inputs remain secret how do the participants ensure that every participant enters their correct input? Maybe one party has an advantage if the operation result is wrong. Therefore, we add Governance to let the technology flourish.
We consider a data pool created by multiple parties as a common good. Governance mechanisms for how to maintain and flourish a common good are well studied within the last decades. We want to enhance such mechanisms with the latest technology and apply them to today’s world.
􀐕Ostrom’s Design Principles
Inspired by Elinor Ostrom, first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Economics, we developed a framework also applied within the Partnership for Carbon Transparency – the Data Commons.
􀍟Values and Building Blocks
􀅌Our Partners
Previews of the three newest articles posted by members of SINE.

To find all articles in full length follow:
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A developer's first month: Tandem and the importance of documentation

As our team expanded, we decided to have a workshop about Tandem and how to use it. I found this a very good idea, but I could not have foreseen how important it would end up being for me. That’s because I did not expect to have the role in this workshop that I ended up having: conducting the initial presentation. I was quite surprised when this suggestion was made: this is not the task that we usually associate with junior developers. And I must say that, having joined SINE little more than one month before, the idea of giving an overview of Tandem and how it is used seemed frightening. But then I thought that if I was being trusted with this task it was because the team believed in my ability to deliver it, counting on their help when needed. Thus, I decided to embrace the challenge and trust in SINE’s trust.

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Tandem - SINE’s Multi-Party Computation Engine

We are extremely excited to launch SINE’s very own SMPC engine Tandem.

Tandem is open-source software that everyone can use – free of any cost or limitations in terms of licensing whatsoever.

At SINE, we built Tandem to make sure that everyone can collaborate on primary data while keeping full control over its use. Tandem is open-source software that can be run for free on any platform – and does not require specialized hardware whatsoever.

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Raimundo’s first month: randomness and Encryptle

So, what is Encryptle? It is a privacy-preserving version of New York Times’s popular game Wordle, running on top of our SMPC engine. [...] In Encryptle neither the server has access to the user’s guesses, nor the user to the server’s word of the day (except by correctly guessing it, of course). The two words are never actually compared! This might sound impossible, but it is precisely what Secure Multi-Party Computation brings to the table: the possibility of collaborating over data (in this case, the guess and the solution) while keeping it private.

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About Us
We are a diverse group of specialists with academic and entrepreneurial backgrounds who are driven by a shared vision: to solve the current data sharing dilemma for the better. Please find our full founding vision on our blog. We are organized as a non-profit organization welcoming every interested person to join us.
For Members
Do you want to shape how data is being shared in a post-platform economy with us?

We welcome any individual with any background.
For Universities
Do you want to bridge the gap between your research and various industries?

We help you to connect to companies and to turn your research into action.
For Companies
Do you want to evaluate the potential if you start sharing your data with other companies in your ecosystem?

We help you to define a ecosystem strategy, to connect with other companies and to gain significant efficiency gains by sharing your data with others.
Please feel free to get in touch!
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