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With the SINE Simple Benchmarking Primitive, companies and individuals alike can now securely benchmark confidential data while staying in full control over their data at all times.

The ability to measure performance and to independently assess the performance level compared to other companies are crucial enablers to continuously improve and ensure sustainable competitive advantage. Benchmarking is a method to compare own performance with others and to derive optimization potential.

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Secure Data Sharing: Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC)

The technological foundation of SINE’s Simple Benchmarking Primitive is Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC). With SMPC, the participants’ privacy is protected. The computation involving confidential data is stretched across multiple parties while no single party can see the other parties’ data in plain text.

This way, analysis can be done securely on distributed data without disclosing the original data in the computation process. Once computation has finished, results are shared with the designated parties. In the classical case of benchmarking, this is one’s rank among others.

Use Case: Carbon Benchmarking

Based on SINE Foundation’s benchmarking software, the ClimateTech company Cozero has created a solution that enables companies to evaluate their carbon footprint digitally, easily and securely and thereby building a basis for optimizing their climate performance.

The special feature: Emissions data is being compared as part of the benchmarking using the Cozero SINE technology, but these do not have to be shared in plain text and always remain encrypted in the control of the sharing company.

Primitives for High-Impact Collaboration - SINE Technology for Data Sharing and Collaboration

SINE Software

Primitives are recurring schemes, needs, challenges or concerns that arise once companies start to share data among each other. SINE gathers expert developers in its community to develop and productize such primitives through software. Our works are published under OpenSource licenses such that companies or individuals can make best use of the technology.

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SINE Foundation

The SINE Foundation is a non-profit organization that develops and provides technologies for organizing and optimizing digital collaboration among companies to enable a new way of doing business: decentralized, collaborative and sustainable.

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